Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Mets the Big Bad Wolf

She bounced on to the forums with passion, fun and noise. Flirting with everyone; raising their self-esteem; and preferring women to boys.

She has a way of lighting up any room or online discussion with her presence; everyone loves her, wants to be her or wants to do her. Finding adventures in places we have not thought of or have not dared to go to. It did not seem our place to push like that, yet her charm gets her places we can only dream of.

She is at once a fun little girl on an adventure, mixed with a mature thoughtful woman of the world. An ironic ball of lightening and cuddles. Her attitude is dommy to many, but subby to a privileged two. I am one of them.

A ball of sunshine bouncing across a room like a cute kangaroo – how could we not love her. As we struggle to wake up pre-coffee she voices and acts what we wish we could feel so early in the day. She has a way of bringing us up without knowing the affect her words have on our jaded or shy spirits. Her sweet and bouncy presence curls up on my lap next to my sub two beautiful people I admire and love to play with smiling at each other and loving being on me together. Her lovely sub girlfriend sits next to me snuggling in. All is right with the world.

At once bold and shy. Spurting outrageous things, wearing outrageous things that would not work on many – yet it is so her. As if her words have fallen out upon her beautiful body in the form of clothing.

A large bottom made for impact, thick hair made for pulling, the cutest wee boobies like a pubescent girl, a waist that shows off her beautiful curvy hips and a warm, cheeky grin that lights up the darkest corner.

I rendered her speechless with my presence. She fell in love with my legs - the very things that I disliked about myself. Once again she makes someone feel hot so easily with her remarks. She was not speechless online though. The courage came back with vengeance as she declared her feelings of lust for, and fear of me. I both inspired and fascinated her. Her Dom side was inspired and the sub side was at once terrified and fascinated.

I disturbed her by the newly found sub feelings welling up insider her. She filled me with desire to do wickedly wonderful things to her. I was surprised that she brought out a part of me that I had not met before. We were friends in the external world, but when we played the two people that we became were dying to get out, but knew it was too hard to do in front of others. Distance and circumstance made a private play something we had to wait for over a period of months. It heated up online in a fun flirty way that was still respectful of our significant others.

Then finally the day came when we could explore what was welling up in both of us. We were to meet these strangers inside of us at last. I was excited and felt that this was so very right. The next step on my miraculous journey as a dominant.
There she was nervously in front of me kneeling. I commanded her to take her clothes off. I remained clothed in a slip and camisole. What happened is best left between us, but this much I will share.

Touching her quivering body and feeling her nervousness in the air was exquisite. I was so very honoured that she felt safe enough with me to explore a side to her that she was scared of. I felt confident in what I was doing and perverted at how much younger she felt with and to me. I have never felt that way with others. I have never felt very sexual towards woman that young, because they are close to my daughter’s age. But with her it was so very different. I was no longer a mother and I was ageless, except older and mature and she young and innocent and enquiring.

I remembered how I felt with my ex Dom, how much younger I felt with him; and therefore it was interesting being on the opposite side this time. I just knew what to do as if I was born for this moment. We shed our outer selves and the noise outside dwindled. The people we were in that room were people that did not need to come out of that room. They were there especially for these moments only.

I wanted to hurt her with various toys, especially my favourite the cane - and I did! Over and over again. I teased her with my touch and drew my breasts and slip across her lovely cury buttocks. Spanking her had so much more meaning than spanking others. She was a naughty girl that needed to be chastised. During the play she called me mean a few times and I laughed and hit her harder. She cried and I knew she wanted to, this was something important for her to release from inside herself - something that my dominance fed upon. I felt at once nurturing and extremely turned on. I loved hurting her and bringing her into subspace. And I adored her fear and her love for this play.

Our souls and minds blended into a kinky pervy essence that filled the room as much as the smell of our cunts blending. HOT!

I decided that was enough pain for this session. She curled up in my arms a turned on exhausted and very sweet girl. I fondled her and changed the mood of the room to sexual. I stared at her cunt, she was embarrassed. I loved making her feel uncomfortable and turned on at once. I played many times with her beautiful tight cunt and sweet tits. When she came her face was a mix of shame,vulnerability and ecstasy. I felt powerful and evil and yet I knew it needed to be this way for the both of us.

I played with her long enough for her to relax into me as the shame floated away. I granted her permission to suck my tits for a short time. For this session only she was mine. I looked forward to her progressing to being able to touch me more and for me to fuck her with my strap on and fuck with her mind in a safe yet pervy way.

She is my friend outside of our sessions and my close friend’s girlfriend and dominant. I adore seeing them so in love and do not feel jealous or weird about that at all. I just wanted fleeting moments like the above in sessions, but for even though she loved what happened, it confuses her dominant status. Sadly there will be no more sessions.

I doubt I will find such a dynamic again, but I hope I find something good and similar, but different with someone else. I was female with her, yet male with other women. For now that women inside will be locked away until someone else can bring her out. Only one outing seems so unfair. Where will that woman go and how can I feed her so that she will not die forever?

Goodbye Little Red Riding Hood, hello wonderful friend.