Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goodbye for now

Due to the harassment last year from Submissive Miss K. I have stopped sharing my work and experiences here. I have decided to only write in until further notice. I will rarely check the email I use for this account and I have not used Twitter for a long time. 

I’ve said it time and time again. You can be a juicy, ripe peach and there’s still going to be someone who doesn’t like peaches, so you can either submit to someone’s criticism of you, or you can get on with the business of being your own amazing self who attracts other like-minded people that appreciate you ... Nothing great comes without risk, and only the very mediocre are safe from being poked fun at. Personally, every time someone makes a snide comment, I feel I am proud to be part of the elite group of weirdos!' - Dita Von Teese