Friday, April 1, 2011

There is a Bear in My Bed

There is a bear in my bed. He lies there sleeping, his face sweet and restful. His body still and beautifully curved. Some parts of his body delightfully hairy and other parts smooth as silk.

This bear is human, but many times I have heard him growl when we have played. His energy becomes full and wild, as he struggles to contain it in his submission to me. But contain it he does, because he loves what I do to him and he loves to endure my pain. His endurance, pain tolerance and his devotion to me are forever building as he trains under my direction - and soon within the bond of my collar. His frame when he is on all fours is bear like and when he cums he is truly the ‘The Bear’.

I love seeing him cum; knowing that I have done this to him and knowing that his gift of submission is returned in the pleasure he gets whilst playing with me. He is magnificent to watch as I deal out pain. He braces himself trying to stay still and take it all with his youthful eagerness and passion. I love seeing him reel from a particularly hard cane hit. His huge body quivering and retracting; and then his bottom slowly comes out once more knowing he must endure more for my pleasure and ultimately his.

Bear loves to serve me. When I command his servitude he goes into a happy space where all is required of him is to make me happy. He attentively goes beyond commands to predicting my needs before I feel a need to ask. I turn to ask him to do something and he has already taken care of it. He brushes away out of place hair, crumbs, eye lashes, etc and attends my brand wounds with both fascination and dedication. Each of our bodies feels more and more like extensions of our own. He is my valet, butler, cook, lover, painslut, masseuse, companion, nurse, cuddly bear, heater and so much more.

When I mockingly tell him off he is ‘Mr Bear’. “Mr Bear wake up and get me my breakfast I am hungry. You can’t sleep all morning”; “What are you doing Mr Bear? No biting me!” Slap! “Mr Bear, I do believe I gave you an order” etc. He is fun to joke with and at times he gets away with wrestling me down and pinning me with his great arms and legs – so hard to get away and so fun to feel his force knowing that it is there is at my disposal should I command it.

Bear is also my sex slave. Some days I sexually tease and torment him and then pull him by his hair and shove his head into my crutch to take me on an ecstatic ride with his tongue and mouth. Mmmmm he is so very good at orally pleasing me. Sometimes he becomes wild to match me after I have been playing with him and other times he becomes feminine and exquisitely gentle. He melts like butter under my controlling and manipulative directon.

Sometimes I let the wild bear out of the cage and set him on to myself. In these times I want to play rough! I want someone special that I trust to take over my body with strength and wildness in a sexual way. The switch in him eagerly comes to life. I struggle not to take over, but rather let my body become his for a short time of absolute pleasure. The dominant is on vacation and the masochist slut has come out to play.

I will not allow him to use impact on me, because I do not wish to ruin our special D/s bond. However, in these moments he is permitted to take over me sexually using his wonderful long nails to scratch and dig at my body and his force to drag me about like a rag doll; holding me in positions for our pleasure. He is still serving me, because that is what I want and what Mistress wants she gets. This way he gets to release his dominant side and to practice for future people in his life as well as pleasing me. A win/win situation!

I will wake the sleeping bear now and ask for my coffee and breakfast. He will smile sweetly and sleepy saying “Good morning Mistress”. He will stretch his fabulously curvaceous body and roll about looking sexy. I will smack his adorable bottom and tell him to stop stalling and get me my coffee now or else I will get the stick”. He will smile at the thought of the horribly painful, but exciting stick; then he will plod out of bed happy to have a purpose that will please his Mistress.

I am so very glad I have a bear in my bed.