Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maakari Toa

She is tiny – and I mean tiny - but has a bum big enough to grab, grope and whack … extremely hard. At first I was scared to play with someone that small in case I would break her in two, but I soon found out she is Maakari Toa – the Little Warrior.

Maakari Toa may have had a hard life, but she is still very sweet, genuinely lovely and very witty. If someone needs assistance or is being harassed Maakari Toa swoops swiftly in righting the wrongs, helping all and sundry, and ensuring that those she cares about are comfortable, well fed and content. Always on the go, she only rests when everyone is looked after or she is releasing her beautiful spirit in play. While service is her forte, masochism is her life breath.

Such a strong, fit, defiant and beautiful Toa; her voice and mannerisms gentle; making you laugh with her funny observations and sprightly attitude as she dishes out compliments all round. If only she could see what we all see - hot, sexy, funny, beautiful, passionate, witty, gentle - but so strong … and an amazing masochist.

When I play with the Maakari Toa the world stands still and watches in amazement. The buzz I get from releasing my sadistic energy hard on this incredible warrior is a rush that is difficult to describe. She is a sadist’s dream come true. She not only takes it well, but I can see her spirit rise and inflate and spin in wondrous directions the further I push her. Our energy inspires us to go to beautiful places; and the rush of making this warrior cum from my pain is euphoric. We feed on each other’s energies. Watching her cum from caning her inner thighs will always be a highlight in my BDSM memoir. This woman deserves a special place in New Zealand’s BDSM history – if only she had the opportunity to shine.

There is so much to explore with her. I once owned a super masochist, but he died. I once was a masochist whose spirit soured high from extreme impact play. However, I have never played with a female masochist quite like this. I thought I could finally return to the level I lusted for, but alas Maakari Toa is going vanilla for awhile!

Her life has become too difficult not to be vanilla at the moment. For with the Toa it is all or nothing. Nooooo! I respect her decision, but I so want to dominate this super masochist, to inflict pain on her that only a warrior can handle and watch her melt into an adrenalin fuelled subspace that matches my sadistic space so very well. To own such an amazing being would be a huge honour that I would respect and love.

For the time being I get to enjoy her company and encourage her in her life. I draw on the memories of hot, wild plays filled with wondrous pain. Here is one such memory. I will entertain you with more later.
Maakari Toa kneels before me silent and nervous, waiting to play. She has provided me with an array of nibbles and beverages placed beautifully on the table. There is more on an after play tray waiting in the kitchen. She has just put black shiny stilettos on my stocking covered feet. Her slave spirit is settled knowing that all has been done. It is now time for the masochist to enter our space!

Stroking my legs, admiring them along with my shoes, she suddenly realises that she did not have permission to touch me. She draws back and controls her hands on her splendid legs, whispering’ “Sorry Ma’am”. I have never liked the word ‘Ma’am’ yet it really works well between her and I. Our special word!

Her little breasts heave encased in her black opaque play dress; the floral detail highlighting their delicate form. Maakari Toa’s doe eyes are lowered as her dark brown hair flows gently around her splendour neck and shoulders. I can tell it is taking quite a bit of control to stay still and wait in anticipation. How lucky am I to play with such a beauty? Smiling, I wait a little bit longer just to build the tension more.

I am impressed with the hard flogging I am giving her. There is no point in starting with the soft floggers! Her olive skin seems so velvety; yet when I use all my force on her tiny back with the skin cutting flogger it only leaves marks. The harder I go the more defiant her stance is, and the more alive she becomes. I snap the thin rubber flogger like a wet tea towel on her back and bum repeatedly. Her body draws in. I leave it there for some time before I allow a few seconds respite for the strong muscles to shift her body back into place and stretch her arms back up the wall. Quickly she pushes her petite round bottom back out ready for more. I observe her face hard against the wall, grinning between blows, daring me to try to destroy her. I hear her breathe quicken with excitement and anticipation.

It is quite a task to moderate my play to such a small body after playing with my bois and voluptuous women. I love a challenge and she proves to be a very exciting one. The moves need to be more precise. If a stray flogger hits that cute gap between her legs it could bring her out of subspace. She has had kidney damage from play with another. I am not about to repeat his ridiculous mistake. I move her to a leaning position over the back of the couch with a pile of cushions in place. Her sway back protrudes her bottom deliciously into place. Turning to impact play I go full strength with everything in my arsenal and little build up. It reminds me of playing with my painslut before cancer robbed him off his strength. Is she even aware of how much this heals my spirit? The more I know Maakari Toa the more I realise how she does not acknowledge her own strengths and her good work. Therefore, these words are written here instead of whispered in her ear after play when we curl up on the couch melting into each other.

I pound her firm buttocks like a drum in time the music of ‘The White Stripes’ with my two hard wooden spoons. This shifts to golf swing movements as she braces herself clenching the cushions, she watches me smiling in amazement. This girl is in awe of my skills just as I am in awe of her tolerance.

I suddenly sip my juice leaving her wondering what is next. I draw my two crops out. They have a sting that she both loves and hates. I rapidly dance the crops hard all over her body whipping them violently on her back, bum and thighs. Her breathe becomes louder and more laboured. Just as she sinks into the endless pain I change to the thuddy truncheon, moving from pounding to golf swing blows. This is followed with a different sting of the dressage crop.

After a while we arrive at the cane - my absolute favourite BDSM implement. I love to work up to this moment with anyone, but with a painslut like this we both soar in a frenzy of pain from canes both thick and thin. I start off with teasing movements – soft, soft, medium, medium, hard, harder! This repetition increases in intensity as the cane whooshes between strokes and I move from one side to the other. Allowing her to get her breath back and prepare for the inevitable, I work up in waves of pain towards golf swing caning. She loves it! Maakari Toa is cuming in delightful moans. Whack-whack, whack, whack!

How can she handle such pain and be in such ecstasy? This girl is a wonder. I know that feeling from my past, but I am sure it was not with such intensity. Her slim legs quivering as she braces herself against the couch almost ready to drop. In a hoarse whisper I ask her if she wants to stop or go on. I know the answer before it leaves her lips. “Please Ma’am, can I have more”. What is a sadist to do!

I lie her on the couch and spread her trembling legs wide open, exposing her glistening, wet tender inner labia. An olive version of the thinnest slices of salmon you have ever seen. I see down her tight little hole and look forward to exploring it later. I have always wanted to do this since hearing about it in ‘The Story of O’. No warm up this time Toa! I am straight in with my school cane - hard out on her toned thighs. I focus on getting in the right area, and all the time her dark eyes are shining at me daring me to go further, her lips braced in a smile that shows her struggling to not safe word or close her legs. “Good girl,” I say. “You are doing well”.

Bang, bang, bang - WHAM! Maakari Toa lets out quiet moans working up to loud. Her face is in raptures, her body spent as she cums from our favourite game – sadomasochism! We hug as she quivers in after cum rapture. “Oh, Ma’am that was so good. You are incredible”. I smile with tears in my eyes, “No you are incredible. You are so amazing and beautiful, thank you so much - that was fantastic”!

Until we met she had never cum from impact play. It has been a huge pleasure to bring her to such special moments of pain and ecstasy. Oh Maakari Toa, you cannot deny yourself that which sets your spirit alive!

Will she return to BDSM? Will we play again? Will we form the bond that seemed to be developing between us before she was forced to turn vanilla? I am watching this space the same as you!

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