Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mrs A.

Everyone called her Mrs A, instead of her full name. She was a very popular teacher at our school in the 1970s. She was a very commanding and respected woman, when 'Women's Lib' was something you saw on TV - not in our little community.

When it was her turn for playground duty, you would often see Mrs A wandering around with one or two boys at her side, holding them by their ears. The boys usually had cheeky grins on their faces and Mrs A's amusement seemed to boil close to the surface of her chastising conversation. Her eyes would squint and bore straight through the people that she quizzed about their behaviour. No one dared to give her cheek. We would see her loom up behind unsuspecting boys in the middle of doing something naughty. We would watch amused as she pounced on them asking them "And what do you think you are doing"?

Even then I had the ability to see through veils to what might lie below. I thought that most of those boys actually enjoyed being sprung for doing naughty deeds, and shown up in front of the school by being led by the ear around the playground like naughty trophies on parade, in her quest for an ordered playground.

Sometimes there was the predicament of needing and extra pair of hands for a third or fourth boy. I think they were disappointed if they were demoted to walking behind her, rather than beside her with her vice-like grip on their ear. One day I did see her juggle three boys with two hands - I was impressed! The two boys that belonged to the one hand were finding inventive ways to move in unison to keep up with her as she walked, then quickly swerved around surprising children. Mrs A was one of the rare ones who really did seem to have eyes in the back of her head.

Mrs A was slim and had an elegant firm stride in her elegant, but simple high heels. I now wonder how she got around the muddy bits of the playground, but you never saw her in an embarrassing position or even trip. She was Mrs A, that was beneath her. She often wore tartan capes outside which would swirl in the winter wind. Her cardigans were always slung across her shoulders fastened with one top button, like a cape as well. She wore a simple string of pearls - and yes, often a twin suit. On windy days her hair would be under a silk scarf, Grace Kelly style.

Mrs A played the piano, beautifully. I was in the choir and would often watch her play rather than watch the conducting hands of our fuddy old choir teacher. We had polished wooden floors in the hall, where we practised. I enjoyed listening to her heels as she walked. They still echo in my mind today.

In the second year that I was in the choir the teacher had left, so Mrs A became our teacher. For the audition she lined us up and asked us to sing. She then walked up and down listening to our voices. Inspection time! I was very nervous.

When trev first started to visit me for sessions, I enjoyed having him bent over a couch, naked, waiting expectantly for my next move. I walked about in my high heels on my polished floor, sorting music, choosing implements of torture, pausing and hearing his breath, watching his body language; wondering what was going through his head as he waited for my next move.

Mrs A would not have approved of my music, but when I look back she was very much Mistress material, and the person that B&D fantasies are made from. I wonder how the other teachers felt about her, and wonder what her sex life was like. What was Mr A like? Did she ever have fantasies of dominantion, or wish for someone to take control of her instead of being intimidated by her?

Thank you Mrs A!

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