Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to my world

I have been writing in forums and in my journal on Fetlife for a few years now, and have explored BDSM for a decade. After an extensive time of growth through these years I feel a need to expand my personality and experiences further a field. I shall see if this site fits with me.

Starting as an ethuastic switch I explored submission for a number of years, before deciding I was a sadomasochist. Exploring the bottom through pleasurable pain was glorious. Now my masochistic personality only appears briefly with certain people, because my sadistic and dominant personality has grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years of being a S/m dominant. I do not perform dominance, but rather my sadistic desires and personality move me to a state of dominance that draws people to me.

I love guiding people (especially friends) through pain towards an enlightened pleasure. The process involves taking over a person's mind, body and spirit in a session then releasing them to find their renewed self after a time of loving and sensual aftercare.

For some people the ownership extends. They become my submissives, masochists or slaves depending on their nature and our interactions.

I am neither fully female or male. I have a woman's body, but my gender fluctuates depending on who I am interacting with and to what extent; as well as the identity, sexual, and material space that we are in. I will write about this more later.

My sexual orientation is sadomasochist. I do not see gender as a binary concept and gentials are wonderful variations to personalities rather than being the primary aim of who I am attracted to.

I hope that some of my insights may be of value to some readers. I see that I have been written about on here already. I love playing and therefore to have a glimse into my plaything's perspective is wonderful indeed.

Enjoy your journey

WW ;-)

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  1. Just giving you some love from across the miles. Missing you and thinking of you and Trev. Take care my friend.

    Hugs and much love.