Saturday, June 16, 2012

She is there in front of me ...

She is there in front of me
Her back faces me
Arms over the spanking horse limp
Legs trying to part
But cautiously closing
Her feet placed firmly
The foundation that will keep her grounded
In what is to come
Her body trying so very hard to relax
And prepare
For what is about to come

I drag my nails along her soft back
From neck to buttock
Down the legs and up
In between
Around the buttocks
Her energy opens and flows
Up to me

A harsh spank awakens her from the spell
We are not here just for sensation
My pretty
The excitement and fear
Fills my nostrils
And enters my mouth
For me to taste
And breath in deep
A primeval channel is opened

The music changes
I am away
The music bounces me along
In this dance of light, love and pain
Spanking, pounding, patting, stroking, cropping
So intoxicating
Yet I am in tune with every breath and movement
From her

My movements are enchanted by our rhythms and the music
And the infliction of glorious pain
Watching her flinch at that one
Easing her back down with this one
Bringing her back up with that one
Let her spin and drift with this one
Only to be drawn back out with that one
Waves of pain and love and sexuality
And that deep deep feeling that is indescribable
But only those in the dance of pain know
So well
Yet can never quite put their finger on it
Long enough
To speak those unspoken words

Then we arrive at the cane
The true love of my life
Cane never lets me down
It's beauty intoxicates me
Mesmerises me
And fills me
In these moments
The universe and I are one

I dance with five canes and the bodies I find
These moments
Are my happiest
These moments
A savage power fulfills me
It flows through me
Thrilling me
Repelenishing me
Loving me
And her

How many will she take
Which ones will she like the most
How far can we go
In this dance of pain and love and light?

I caress her with the cane
Massage her
Let it bounce on her beautifully rounded buttocks
I tap her on her back
When she is sinking into it
I give her a whack
Remember my pretty
This is about pain
As well as sensation
Good girl, you are doing well

It comes in waves up and down
Soft and hard
As I weave my cane spell
Her bottom sinks in
Her legs quiver
Her hands grasp
They then collapse
As she goes through that barrier
To that special place
I ease the strokes and remind her
To bring that bottom back out
For me
To hit it again and again

We dance the cane dance
Time stands still
The room blurs
Yet part of me knows where we are
By where we are in the music
And part of me is forever watching her
And me

Five canes are used
I slide back and forth
Between them
Stamina is needed
For her to take the wangees
And so we revisit the school cane
I slide from pure evil animal
To seductress in pain and sensation

And the disciplinary cane bounces
Loud and proud as it struts
Along her body
It is so long I can observe her pretty face
Such beauty in her hard work
Taking it and loving it and hating it

There are moments when her sexy body is frozen
She has gone from here to the other world
Then she comes back with such beautiful fear and pain
And even tears
She will never be the same
She has visited that world I once knew

I lighten the whacks and build the intensity
This is it
I have taken control of her body
It builds and builds and she cannot control it
Just be
Little one - just be
She allows it to sweep over her
She comes in wonder and ecstasy
All through it the glorious pain leaching into every pour
It rolls off her and up her body in to mine
It hits me so hard and washes over me
Flowing into my clit
And drawing at my face
We both quiver and shake
And smile

We collapse in smiles and giggles and hugs
I re position her
My hands and nails flow over her body
I soothe her and remind her
Of the painful bits
Of our play
Nails stroke her
She smiles
Nails dig into her
She gasps
Hands massage her
She purrs
Hands stoke her
She floats
Mouth kisses her relaxed body
Then I sink my teeth in biting her hard
Sucking her life force
She is frozen in pain and pleasure
I then drop her down
To float and dream
As I stroke her
Before I bring her back to
The here and now

Thank you

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  1. Thanks for the private comments. I enjoyed writing this one.